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i need a new engine

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i need a new engine i have a lx 4-door i would like to do an engine swap any suggestions on what type of motor and where to find one and price ranges. or should i just sell this piece off crap and buy a import? :)
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i have a 1.8L DOHC GT motor i will sell ya for 500 bucks! it has 167k miles BUT has been rebuilt and runs like a champ. lemme know because it must go SOON!!
or you can buy my 1.8L (bored over to 2.0L) for $2500 that has been built up alot! :) plus shipping :)
Will it bolt up? Won´t I need a computer?
im pretty damn sure it would...the motor is out of a 93 Escort GT. umm for 500 it will include everything...minus ECU which i will sell for 100 with it. umm but if you want the motor, you will have to take the WHOLE car as i dont have the tools or equipment to take out the motor. James is already supposed to get the tranny, but if he dont get it, i will sell it (the tranny for 150). lemme know...oh u will have to come get the car if you want it..im in Ft Wayne, Indiana.

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Or you can go down to your local junkyard and buy a 97 Escort Engine with low miles. It will cost you about $300 and don´t try to let the guy talk you much higher. the second gen mods do bolt on and you can use the same tranny and wiring harnesses. The stock 1.9 gives you about 88 ponies stock and the 97 2.0 gives you 110 ponies stock. Good Luck!!! ;-)
mine is already out of the car and ready to be shipped! ;)
I keep hearing from people on these forums that the LX motors (ford) and GT motors (mazda) use different mounting points/trannys/axles.

I´m keeping my eyes on the SVT focus engines that show up on ebay every now and then. I´m sure they´re not a direct bolt-in, but the 6spd tranny and double stock LX hp would be worth the fabricating effort.
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