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TitoElSpicco said:
That's the one. 3800II. I think it was a '98 Police Interceptor. He got tired of gettin' beatup by all of my friend's SHO's so he traded it for a SHO. Traitor.

Love the cars though. Decently quick.. he raped my EGT when it was still stock w/ a full interior. :) Slap one of the GTP blowers on it and call it a day.. but i wouldn't imagine you got it for racin' (especually because of the picture under you name), but good choice. I was simply amazed at how much torture that car took without ever breaking a sweat.

Looks like it's in pretty good condition. Thumbs up for not getting the hubcapped version. :)
Slap a GTP blower on that engine and you'll end up destroying the transmission. GTPs have a beefier four speed meant to handle the extra torque, stock N/A 3.8 Series II motors don't. :)

If you're really into making power you'll just do a GTP engine/transmission combination swap, although I'm not too sure the blower fill fit under the hood of the Lumina. Then you can throw on a shift kit and shorten the pulley and make 280 hp and 300 + ft lbs torque.

They had problems putting the 3.4L in there, which is why the 3.1 V6 was the standard base engine for that body. :wink:
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