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For $100.00 Canadian from this guy who a friend introduced me to. Here´s the story: The guy bought the car last year for $4500.00! Put an alt, Rad and full brake job into it. Was driving it the other week and his friend noticed some fluid spilling out. So he keeps driving it all of a sudden he tells me the car "Like went into neutral and just coasted to a stop" So after investigating I see that the clamp for the return line for the tranny cooler had rotted and the line jut blew off! That´s it so because I am too nice of a guy I say: "Look bud, I´m not in the business of fucking people all thet´s wrong is the line has come off. Put a new one on and fill the tranny and it should be as good as new" He says: I don´t give a fuck, I can´t be bothered I´m getting a new car next week. Just take the damn thing and do whatever you want with it". So I pick it up on wednesday with a tow truck, fix the line and............Now comes the real dilemma what to do with it.
1-Fix her up, some cleaning and a minor tune up and floggthe car out for $3000.00

2-Take the motor out and put it in the Escort (motor is 190hp) Then I have a 323 that the motor will drop right in to the MX6 sell the Mx6 for like $1500.00.

3-Any other Ideas.

I have three cars that have Interchangeable motors and trannies:

1-1991 Escort GT 1.8l DOHC 5speed
2-1993 Mazda 323 1.6l SOHC 5-speed
3-1988 Mazda MX6 2.2l intecooled Turbo 4-speed auto

What should I do??????? (I feel like I´m on Let´s make a Deal) Door#1,#2 or Door#3. I´m so cofused

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That MX6 motor isn´t 190hp unless it´s modded. Stock it´s like 135 at the crank. Also it wouldn´t be a direct swap into the escort, it was the probe turbo that had that motor. Anyway that is a good deal though, I woulda taken it too.
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