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I also need a VIN preferably for a 94 EGT. I dont have my EGT anymore but I have the motor and tranny and I need the VIN to get some parts.

Did BPs come with different oil pans for the different cars they came in?

The reason I am asking is because I want new oil pan bolts and the part guide I have says I only need 12 bolts. I count 16 bolt holes on my oil pan. 2 long, 2 semi long, then 14 short.

I have the following PN for the long bolts:
B6S7-10-465 or B541-10-426B or B541-10-426A
Semi long bolts: B6S7-10-466
and for the short bolts: 99794-0620

Can anyone tell me if these are the correct bolts for my oil pan?

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