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I hate people.

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well it´s not necessarily an interior modification but it did help me out of lots of tickets, while listening to lots of music...but it´s all gone, my radar detector and 15 or so of my cds were stolen out of my unlocked car saturday night. i noticed at 2:30 pm sunday and called the cops, but all they can do is fill out a report and hopefully get lucky.
I wouldn´t have mind if it was just the radar detector, but ALL those cds...just gone. bah i could kill someone.
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I try to make a habit of only keeping burned CDs in my car. Besides most of the time people get to your CD´s to find you dont have the same listening tastes, so they try to sell your stuff to pawn shops and music stores that sell used CD´s. Places like that can´t take burned CD´s because of copyright infringement.

Well, my last car (93´ Explorer Eddie Bauer) was stolen completely....I actually bought the escort because I was pretty sure it would be a low theft vehicle, just because it can´t be stripped down like a Honda. And everyone in town knows me and my car, so its hard for someone else ot get away with driving it around.
You are right theblade.

That is why i have 240 burned cd in my car.

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I don´t have the time, patience or money to burn all my 100 some odd cd´s. But now i´ll have to because people decided to take shit that isn´t theirs, if i find them, i´m going to give them some real shit...
that´s why I´m into building up cars on the INSIDE...
great performance, not so great looks, if you dig my drift.

Although looks can kill
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