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i got a problem with my scort.

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well i noticed a problem today while driving around town , while shifting, when i shift to second or third gear, my car jumps like an import on bad shocks. does anybody know what i can do to stop this.
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Anytime someone describes a noise under the hood as similar to a marble roling around in the bottom of a can I always think water pump. If you are curious and can´t come up with a mental image of that noise put marble in the bottom a soup can. compare that with a bad water pump. Exactly the same. I know this is corny but when you listen to enough customers describe a noise the same way...
Clutch all the way. Had a Neon with a bad clutch disc and it would jump every time. What is this marble noise can we get a better description. Always get the flywheel checked when you replace a clutch to make sure it isn´t warped. Most need to be surfaced for best performance.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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