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I can´t keep up with this sometimes.

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Ok, I had my accessories belts replaced last weekend, and after that the car started to bounce like it was being starved for air or fuel or something. Well one of my coworkers and I took it out for a drive earler, and it seems to just do the jerking and bouncing in first gear, and it does it violently... then it rides fine. When we took it out he noticed that the vacuum advance wasn´t moving. When you rev it, shouldn´t that be moving to compensate for the loss of vacuum? The odd part is that it didn´t do it until Saturday when I changed the belts. I need to take it back into the shop and have them fix/replace that set up.
The thing that´s pissing me off is I *NEED* struts...badly and things keep getting all freaked up and i can´t get around to them.
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I have very simular problems associated with my turbo set up. I´m in the same boat. I need a rack and pinion, powersteering pump. My gas tank cracked last night so I´m leaking gas all over the place and the gauge isn´t working.....yeah struts, springs. Ahh I just need to win the lotto or get another car so I can actually work on the scort and no drive it so much.
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