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I am thinking about selling my 93 escort lx

Discussion in 'West Coast' started by GeneralSpank, May 28, 2012.

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    I am considering selling my escort, my wife says that if I want a motorcycle I have to get rid of my escort which is sad because I have put a good amount of time and blood into getting it the way it is today.
    It is a 1.9 Liter, four door sedan I have put in the following parts:
    OBX racing headers,
    Weapons R Dragon Intake,
    South bend Clutch stage two racing clutch,
    Braided clutch line,
    Strut Tower bars,
    a 3 inch high flow muffler,
    a Hood scoop,
    a shaved head,
    a painted the valve cover,
    a new steering wheel and and adapter collar,
    I also recently replaced both the alternator and the battery.
    I have also began work on painting the exterior satin black.
    Do to my work schedule I do not have many daylight hours to work on it and I do not have a garage I have not been able to complete the work that I have started. The car originally started its life as an automatic. Other than some minor electrical issues from not cutting the automatic wiring harness out and splicing the proper wires to allow the reverse lights to work. Other issues include damages caused by the previous owners such as the front power windows and the power locks not working properly and the drivers side power seat belt not working. It runs well enough it has minor issues but nothing that impedes its operation. I want it to go to someone that will either complete the work started or will use it to make something better. I am looking for a good selling price because I plan on using what I get to put a down payment on a bike. I will post more updated photos within the week. I would like honest appraisals of its value but would also like to have it stay within the community.

    Several photographs which are slightly out of date can be found here:

    more up to date photos
    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... f265a0a2f9

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