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Was hurrying and driving to fast to pick up a speaker nearby where I live. Was probably doing 52-55 in a 40...went through an intersection on the green light and idiot tries to make a left turn right in front of me-- when I was already going through the intersection. Thankfully, nobody was next to me so I turned hard right for the open space (testing the famous Gilles Villeneuve gap theory) and slammed on and locked up my brakes. This of course took the weight off my rear wheels...and the rear end started coming around to the left. A quick couple of corrections and I kept going. My Escort wagon almost ended it's life a month after the Yeager's.

I learned from this experience. Even though the other guy would have been totally at fault, I was speeding and it's true that you cannot judge oncoming speed- well that idiot sure couldn't judge anything- I was right there and he turned in front of me! I will be slowing down around this neighborhood, especially at intersections that don't have left turn signals. The 90 seconds saved if the light had turned red would not have made me late to get to the shop. I've been racing karts for years including several times a week locally. That car control experience pays off on the streets. I sure am counting my lucky stars...I'm just not ready to take my car to the junk yard, and have to go get another car yet. I just rebuilt the motor in April and this would have been a devastating blow. More importantly- who knows what injuries I could have suffered.

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