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I´m on Cardomain

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Check it out and vote good and sign my book

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Yeah, really like your scort!

The red/white/black interior is cool. Hey, how´d you do the tailights and reflector? Are those smoke covers or are they painted?
Nice work!
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www.cardomain.com/id/manawski to see a completely bone stock 98 Tracer
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wow! killer scort SS! That black glossy kicks ass!

I can´t say I´m crazy about the "custom" tail lights though...

how is it with a 5" tach in the dash?
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Thanks guys I love the tach really bright shift light at night. More to come so keep checkin it out. I just told the guys who painted my car to paint the reflectors and the tailights were done custom by my wheelman. He does wonders.
Look everyone I´m #3 on the top ten rides

probably won´t last long
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Check out my site when you can guys....I´ll check yours and vote too.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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