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Howdy, Howdy Y'all :D
Wow I didnt know there was a fan club or I would have joined much sooner.
I was searching the web for advice about removing roll pins from the drivers side inner tie rod on a 89 Escort LX when I found this site.

I hope I can get good advice as well as give good advice from my experiances with mine.
I have had a 1989 Escort LX for about 4 years now and absolutly love it.
I have discovered that they dont make some parts for it anymore so I have had to make a few modifications to keep it on the road.

If anyone has some advice for removing the roll pins without having to remove the rack and pinion it would be greatly appriciated. Im having to do my own repairs without extra hands from others.
Everyone I know has a job, Im taking advantage of being unemployed to get caught up with my honey do list. ;)

Thank You :)
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