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How to remove brake light bulb

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Hi there guys:

I have a 95 EGT and I can´t seem to get the bulb off of the socket to replace it. Is there a special way to do this? it´s not pulling out of the socket. Also, I drop the flap inside the hole there, how do i reach it and get it back?

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I have a 94 lx so the method is probably similar, there is a wire that is holding the bulb in the socket, you need take a screwdriver or something and pull it out. There are little tabs on both sides of the bulb, this is why you can´t just pull it out.
As for the other thing, you can try and stick your hand in there to retrieve it or you can take the interior apart.
the bulb should twist out of the socket, and the socket is connected to the wiring by another socket that has a single tab you have to pull with a screwdriver. For the other part, (as the post before me says), you gotta reach in there to get it or take the interior part...and that´s a pain in the ass, so unless you´re skinny like me...it sucks to be you! hehe I have a brake/backup/turn signal wiring harness for a 95 EGT, came out of the lenses when i changed mine. 92 and 95 wiring harnesses are incompatible with the connectors...stupid Ford.
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This is the only car of the 5 i´ve own/drove frequently that has the above mentioned problem.
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It shouldn´t really be that hard, unless the bulb or the socket is seized from rust or whatnot...I don´t know what to tell you, it´d probably be easier to buy a new wiring harness w/ sockets...I have a set, for a 95 even.
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