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How to put on a filter kit?

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Hello, I just picked up my first escort lx 94 with only 25k on it and want to put on an air filter kit. I have the adapter but where does the other sensor go and what is it for, and where do I route the hose that goes to the head. I will be asking more as soon as I can afford it. Thank you for your help.
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It´s a in flow temperature sensor. It´s a part of MassAirFlowmeter. Honestly I have no idea where you can put in in setup like yours. Unscrew the sensor from airbox connect it and just live it hanging. My sensor is in Ram air piping. Since you´re putting only filter temperature will be right and there is no worry about this sensor just hanging.
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drill a hole in the intake kit that youre getting
i wouldnt just leave anything hanging is supposed to be there for a reason
if you dont use it you could be running with a rich or lean fuel to air ratio
and the intake itself should come already custom fitted to be snug in the engine bay, it should wind around everything, once you get it in your hands and take the old one off youll know how to put it on and how it works
yeah make a hole in your intake hose! If you´re gonna leave the stock hose on it, but some Black Silicone sealer around it to keep from leakin.
Thanks, that looks like it will work but what about the last hose the one that goes to valve cover, am i supposed to cap it or ??? Thanks again.
i am wondering the same thing here. the thin pipe that leads to the head from the airbox, it has a small sponge in front of it just inside the airbox, like it blocks oil or something...what should be done with this? the MAF and temp wires are easy enough to deal with...
well someone´s gotta be in the know for this one. c´mon wut´s the secret?
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theres no place in the aftermarket intake because there are little mini filters that you put right on the head, you take the hose off and replace it with the little mini filter
ic, so it´s basically just a small breather kinda deal. i was just planning to get a cone filter by itself without any kit which wouldn´t come with one of those. hmmm time to think
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Adam , thank you for the info, do you have a suggestion on where I can find one of those head filters?
@ Canadian Tire (i know you don´t have them down there, but stay with me) they have filter kits and all the like and they come with these mini filters, or you can buy them separatly, just ask. goto any hardware/car part store, they should have em. price is $17 Can, about $12 us. whever they sell k&n they should have the mini filters
You can get small breather filters from APC or K&N like this one...
K&N Crankcase filter
On my weapon-r tube I stuck the intake air sensor into the hole where the crankcase vent was supposed to go, then put a breather filter on the crankcase vent (valvecover).
thanks guys, I ´ll go and get one as soon as payday comes around. you know how that is.
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