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How To: Paint Sport Wheels

Even though this is a subject that has been discussed a couple of times, and have been done is numerous ways, I'll be doing a 3G Sports Wheels
Repaint How To On a budget.
Remember that everyone has their unique way of doing this. I will be explaining the process that worked perfect for me. Also know that not all paint work the same way.

First the following items are needed:
1 Sheet of 320 grit black wet / dry sand paper
Mineral Spirits or Duplicolor Prep-Wipe
Paper Towel
Duplicolor Wheel Paint (I used HWP102 Graphite)
Duplicolor Wheel Clear Coat

  1. Clean the wheels with degreaser front and rear part, I let it dry but it can be worked right after cleaning.
  2. Sand the wheel with the 320. Taking your time to sand all parts of the wheel inside and out, and wetting the sandpaper with water to keep it clean.

  3. After sanding the top coat of the wheel, rinse it with water then dry it with paper towel or let it sit in the sun for a couple of minutes, in that time you can begin sanding another wheel.
  4. After repeating these procedures for all four wheels take a piece of paper towel and apply a nice amount of mineral spirits to prep the wheel or if you have Duplicolor prep-wipes use those to thoroughly prepare the paint surface.
  5. After the minute of shaking the paint-can press the nozzle away of the wheel to charge the spay tube, doing that will prevent splashing the wheels with paint in case the spray nozzle had a defect from factory.
  6. Now the fun part, for me at first it was a nightmare because 102 Graphite contains a metallic finish and when new it have lot of pressure and following the instruction to keep 10 to 12 inches made the paint like sand and the finish was extremely porous. So that wheel to sanding again. Now I kept the spay nozzle a good 6 inches of the wheel and the paint was getting evenly distributed on this first coat. Don't try to paint it all at once, apply a thin coat.
  7. Wait 10 minutes for it to dry tack dont wait to much even it does not do any harm.
  8. Apply a second coat the same way as the first coat.
  9. Repeat step 7
  10. This is optional but I gave it a third light coat. And painted the rear part of the wheel.

  11. After 15 minutes I gave one light coat of Clear, letting it dry for 5 minutes then applying a second medium coat.

  12. Let it dry on the hot sun, being careful not to put near trees unless you want a leave effect on the wheels.

There you have it a new look on the sport wheels. Now, new tires.
If you have tires installed on the wheels use index cards or blue painters tape to protect the tire form over spray. There is no ugliest thing than see a nice looking paint job with tires painted.

An additional picture on lower light
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