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Making clear tail lights for around $10. Unless u feel the need to go to the junkyard to pick up another pair of lights. All of the other parts u can get at almost any home improvment store.
Items you need.
1. Clear Lens
heres a closer view
2. Apoxy/Glue ( i used rubber cement and a glue gun)
3. A set of taillights
4. An over or a heat gun
5. A can of Spraypaint white or silver( sumthing that will reflect the light)
6. a hammer and a screwdriver.

Heres what i did to make them.

1. Take off your old taillights.
2. Hit the crap out of the light to break off the old lens.
3. Clean it up a little bit so u can paint it.
4. There is a little high spot on the assembly that u need to sand down to make it flat.
5. Paint the light. Give it a couple of coats.
6. Cut the lens into squares
7. Get the lens hot so that u can make it take shape of the light.
8. After getting the shape, apoxy/glue the lens to the light.
9. After letting it dry, take a *HOT* knife and cut off all of the extra lens
10. Then place it back on ur car.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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