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Well i got this off of ERDT, but i did it myself and added more pics...step by step...
What you need is:
1. A jigsaw or hacksaw...somekind of saw

2. Peice of mesh...got mine at Lowes, its actually gutter guard...its a small sheet of mesh....its about $1.50 for 1 sheet...its just enough to cover the hole grille without wasting much

3. Bondo-glass

4. File(the tool)

5. Assorted sandpaper

6. cardboard

7. paint

8. JB weld, glue, something to hold the mesh on the bottom of the grille

9. tape

10. scissors, sheet metal cutters, etc...something to cut through the mesh


1st - take the stock LX grille off and take the saw and cut the inner frame/crossmembers...there sould be holes at the sides.
stock grille...

after you cut the inner frame

2nd - take a file and file down the rest of the crossmember that is still sticking out and then when you get close then use sand paper to finish it off

3rd - clean the suface and at the sides where the holes are tape peices of cardboard to the back of the hole to give the bondo-glass a backing

4th - Mix your bondo-glass and apply it to the hole....blah blah blah
repeat until the hole is filled

5th - wait at least a day to let the bondo-glass dry and start filing until u get close, you may not have to if your good at body filling, then take the sandpaper to it and finish it off with fine sandpaper at least 800 or so

6th - Make sure everything is nice and smooth and clean and then paint it to the desired color with spray paint or whatever you want

7th - If you want to paint the mesh you may before you install the mesh to the grille, clean the mesh before you do it...i didn't, i like the aluminum mesh look. Then bend and mold the mesh to the inside of the grille, may have to cut before bending, i bent the mesh around all the inner lips. Then at the bottom of the grille you should put some kind of adhesive or something to make it stay....and then you will have to cut 2 slits at the top of the mesh...cause the mounting bracket...if you look at it you will know what i mean. And then mount the grille back on!

And your finished product!!!!!!!!

after i painted the racing stripe on my car!

If you have any questions or need help with any of this just ask!
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