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Hi guys,

When I bought my '92 EGT, it came with a set of wheels that are a fair bit different than stock. Stock is 15x5.5 (thanks, Skuce), ~40mm offset. The ones I have are 15x6, 22mm offset.

(picture and details below)


Because of the horribly low offset, even with the 195/50r15 that it came with, the rear tires rub the fender wells, even with the lip rolled. What would be the best way to suck the wheels back in towards the car by, say, 5-10mm, so that they fit properly?

My best thought was to get the brake rotor machined where it meets the wheel - shave perhaps 7-8mm off of it - that way I can still rotate my tires and have everything fit as normal.

The other route would be to machine the part of the wheel where it contacts the hub, but since that's recessed, that would be very difficult, and would make it impossible to rotate the tires properly unless you did it to all 4, which would probably be expensive.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get aftermarket brake rotors with a thinner mounting hub for the wheels? If not, has anyone heard of machining the wheel mounting surface on the rotors?

Any help would be appreciated.

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nice looking wheel...sell them
sell them to someone on whose car they were designed to mount

problems with machining the rotor hub surface:
-thinning out the metal will increase heat, hence accelerated pad wear
-thinning out the metal will possibly cause the rotor to warp
-difficult to do, as the hub area is what holds the rotor to a brake lathe (I'm assuming you're talking of using a bench lathe?)
-screwing with the structural integrity of rotors that were designed to be a certain UNCHANGEABLE thickness
-bottoming out the studs on a closed end lug nut due to the decreased offset

problems with machining the wheel mounting surface:
-screwing with the structural integrity of a cast wheel (not the strongest design to start off)
-the wheel hitting the brake caliper because of the decreased offset

not to mention a ton of other things I could come up with if I gave myself more time

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<sarcasm>You could get spacers to make them stick out even further and get cool chrome mudflaps and gold fender flares. That would be sweet! </sarcasm>

22mm is a weird offset. Having them stick out will wear out your wheel bearings prematurely as well as rub the fenders like you said they do already. Just get rid of them and use the money to buy something that fits correctly.
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