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How To: Hide cables from dash-mounted GPS?

Discussion in 'ICE (In Car Entertainment)' started by julianm, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. julianm

    julianm New Member

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    I'd like to run some audio/power cables down through the dash of my 1999 ZX2, so that I can connect a windshield-mounted iPhone (audio/GPS) to an aftermarket stereo without leaving wires trailing all over the place - has anyone done anything similar?

    I don't want to just 'randomly' drill a hole in the dash (for fear of hitting something vital and/or electrified), nor do I want to remove the entire dash just to hide a cable, so I'm wondering if anyone has pictures of what's going on behind the dash, or has ever mounted cables down air vents, through the a-pilar, or have any other bright ideas? I'd also be curious to know if anyone has succesfully installed a spare cigarette socket behind the dash?

    I've ordered a JVC head unit with a rear aux port, a replacement panel for the dash, cigarette lighter socket, and a windshield mounted iPhone holder (links below in case anyone's interetsed), but could really use some suggestions as to how to connect everything as tidily as possible...

    Thanks heaps,


    TomTom Car Kit for iPhone

    JVC KDR320 with Dual Aux Inputs ($53)

    Installing aftermarket stereo

    Cigaretter Lighter Socket

    3.5mm Audio Cable[/url]
  2. mrchyzy16

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    I ran the cable across the headliner to the a piller on the passenger side. Then go down and either hide the cables in the glove box or behind it. Its very doable. I have my v1 installed just like that.
  3. neuspeedescort

    neuspeedescort Moderator Staff Member

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    wenatchee, wa
    my XM unit is mounted just above my center vents and i ran all my wiring threw the dash vent section. just notched a hole out in the vent on the back side.


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