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how to fix a loose shifter for your ford escort

Discussion in 'How-To's' started by luislop, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Hello, i am new to the forum but wanted to do a quick short how to for people who have this issue.
    "do it at your own risk"

    loose shifter issue.

    1.get under car, look at the shifter linkage right under where the shifter is at and move the connection a little bit do it exactly like the following guy on youtube ( no need to remove anything at this point) just check under the car.

    2. after you check the connections just like the video and your connection bushings are worn to hell then its time to change them.

    3. go to your computer then check on the napa website for
    order 4 of these online to get the discount and look at various stores on your area, not all of them will carry it and many of them will have to order from the big warehouse , which will take one of two days. got 4 of them for less than 6 bucks total.

    NOTE: this part is a perfect fit for the 99-01 ford escort zx2. if you have a different car then i would suggest taking the bushing out first then comparing it to the napa part and taking it to the store so that you can compare the part before you pay for them or doing more research.

    4. jack the car up with one jack and 1 support stand then get your ass under your ride with your full toolkit and remove the bottom crossmember that has 4 17 mm ( i think) that is located in the front part of the car.(easy peace with some muscle or an extension bar if you have never taken it out). not absolutely necessary but making thing super easy and it takes 1 minute.

    5, then get a smaller socket ( i think 10) , then get those 4 bolts that hold the heat shield to the car.
    ( wear gloves unless you wanna get scraches in your precious virgin skin), take the bolts out then take the shield off the car, ( you have more space since you have removed the crossmember so use your hulk strenght and bend it a little bit so that you can take it out). its wayyyy easier if you take it off but it can be done without taking it all the way off.

    6. after steps 4 and 5, you are ready for the action, if you look under the stick shifter, you can see your bolt that you need, use a 12 to take out out while holding the other side with an adjustable wrench , then trash those old bushings out and clean the hole a little bit, then apply some silicone lubricant to your new bushings and pop them in there on each side of the bolt. JOB DONE. for the shifter part, now its time to move on to the fork part that goes near the transmission. tighten lightly to hand tension ( as to not damage the new bushings) and use some loctite in thread part.

    7. as you saw on the video, there is one set of bushings that you need to change on that transmission side for perfect sync. get your ass under it, apply some magic with your 12mm and take that bolt out and do the same thing as the shifter part with the new bushings.

    8. so by now you have changed 4 bushings, two on the shifter bolt and two on the transmission fork part. for this part those are the only bushings that can be changed, as you can see there is another one that goes close to the transmission but that one is impossible to change as its a sealed section.

    on a side note, there is a different size bushing that can be changed that sits on the other linkage next to the one we are working on, that one does not normally wear out too much as it doesn't move too much( if yours need replacement, then there is an aftermarket part avaliable for it so just look it up as i don't remember the part number.

    9. now that you have changed your shifter bushings, making your ride like new for less than 6 bucks, its time to put everything back in.

    10. put the heat shield back in FIRST , twisting it a little bit, then put the 4 bolts back with some antizeize , then follow and put the crossmember with 4 bolts back with some anti seize.

    then go for a ride and enjoy some cool shifting for shizzles.

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