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OK, I saw someone post up recently with problems changing a serpentine belt. I needed to swap the one on the blue car, so here you go.

- 3/8" rachet
- jack
- tie strap

1. put a 3/8" rachet into the square hole on the auto-tensioner.

2. Pull towards the front of the car as far as it will go.

3. loop a tie strap from the Alternator bracket to the rachet arm, and tighten until it holds in place.

4. From the top, loop the serpentine belt around the alternator and power steering pump. (on the back side, guide the belt between the power steering pump and the auto-tensioner. On the front side, route it between the power steering pump and the pulley.)

5. Jack up the front end of the car.

6. Climb under, guide the back part of the belt around the crank pulley, and the front part of the belt around the AC Compressor(if you have one).

7. Remove the tie strap... you are done

easily done in 5 minutes... 10 if you stop in the middle for a beer break.
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