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Please save your self a lot of time and know how to Change the engine's oil properly. As I quote from the 1991 Escort Tracer Shop Manual

For the 1.9L

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

Engine oil change

1. Apply the parking brake and block the wheels.

2. Bring the engine to normal operating temperature and then turn it off.

3. Raise the vehicle and position a drain pan underneath the engine.

4. Remove the oil drain plug. Drain the engine oil.

5. Clean the oil drain plug and inspect the gasket. Replace the gasket if it is damaged.

6. Install the oil drain plug. Tighten the plug to 20-30 Nm (15-22 lb-ft)

If the engine oil filter is scheduled for replacement or if it shows signs of leakage, perform the following steps:

a. Remove oil filter and discard it.

b. Clean the gasket sealing surface at the cylinder bloc. Make sire that the old gasket is not adhered to the gasket surface

c. Coat the gasket on the filter with a light film of engine oil. Screws the filter onto the cylinder block until the gasket contacts the sealing surface, and then tighten it an additional ¾ turn.

d. Add engine oil as explained in the following procedure.

Engine Oil Fill

1. Remove the oil filler cap and fill the crankcase with the specified amount type and grade of oil.

2. Install the oil filler cap. Start the engine and inspect of oil leak(s). Service as required.
For the 1.8L engine

Changing the Engine Oil and Filter

1. Raise the vehicle

2. Remove the Oil filler cap.

3. Position a suitable container beneath the oil drain plug.

4. Using a 19mm socket, remove the oil drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely.

5. If necessary, replace the oil filter as explained later in this section.

6. Install a new gasket onto the oil drain plug, then install the drain pug and gasket. Tighten the plug to 29-41 Nm (22-30 lb-ft)

7. Lower the vehicle

8. If the oil filter was not replaced add 3.6 liters (3.8 quarts) of engine oil. If the oil filter was replaced, add 3.8 liters (4 quarts) of engine oil. Refer to the Owner Guide for the proper grade and viscosity of engine oil.

9. Install the oil filler cap.

10. Run the engine and inspect it for leaks.
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