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Good writeup.

But here's my amendment:

8. Always always spend the extra money and get the factory LSD option. Always. :D

How I personally get a rediculous deal on a car:

1. Very poor shape mechanically (out of tune/adjustment, but NOT "broken"
2. Very good shape on the exterior (no rust/dents)

Here's a tactic I've found that works. I talked a guy selling an EGT down from 1500 to 250 bucks with this tactic: Find EVERYTHING wrong with the car. Everything. Then, tally up how much it would cost to fix each one of the things right in front of the seller. For example, "Well, it needs a new exhaust, so that's 100 bucks, the coolant light is always going off, so it probably needs a new thermostat or radiator, so that's 150 right there... the tires are almost bald, and they'll cost 300 to replace..."

Basically what you do is you take a big, wet, juicy sh*t all over their hopes of selling the car. Make it look like the most worthless money toilet on wheels. It's psychology, yes, but it works. And it works really well. I honeslty think I could make a living reselling cars... but I can't afford the overhead of a decent leisure suit.
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