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2001 zx2
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Yep I'm dragging an old thread up. Couple things.
#1. All this battery fumes toxicity yada yes stay healthy. Running a tuned little car yourbbreathing so many fumes down the highway when your smashing it's intoxicating. I love that rich fuel smell.
Number B. I got 2 ought 0/1 gauge wires running from my trunk (used a battery tray with a strap) ones to the fuse box wich I tore apart and relocated as well used another battery box cut it all up n mounted it to the firewall. Other wires to the starter.
I've been thinking I want those half battery's tucked in front passenger side run that battery for the starter and the other for the alternator. A thousand watt rms set up be stealing all kinds of power. Oohh let's do pics 😆


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