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Re: '99 zx2

tk007 said:
I am new but I have a stock '99 zx2 that I bought new and I have 89,000 and climbing. I now drive 42 miles one way to work over 2 mountain passes. I love the way it still corners after all of these years.
Replace yout stock RSB with a 19mm or 21mm and you will really love the way your Z handles.

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I can't express how much I love this car. It looks great and has a distinctive personality, it has great and cozy interior imho, it's perfectly fast, in the sense that things happen fast, but not too fast so that you have enough time to enjoy them, it's as light as Miata and handles like a dream, it has a smooth ride, it's such an astonishing value. It's incredible how much car you get for so little money. Lucky for us, most people are ignorant and frown at Ford badge, which is... well... a blessing for us, ZX2 folks. When I was buying it from the dealer I looked at it with feigned contempt and said "But it's a Ford!" which left salesman with nothing to say and the price was immediately slashed to 800$ less. :wink:

The only bad thing about this car is that it's not made anymore. And knowing there's no equal substitute for it, makes me enjoy and appreciate it even more. A true unrecognized gem. :love:

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2000 zx2 s/r

Erebuni kit
afx hood
18 adr's 215/35's
Repainted factory yellow with white voilet pearl (3 stage paint)
5% tint all way around + eyebrow in front window

Energy suspension throughout
21mm sway bar (with poly bushings)
Ground control coil overs on tokico's with cut perches (slammed)
front lower tie bar (mazdaracers)
Manaul steering rack

4 wheel disc (Factory)
ss braided lines f & b
all 4 disc are zinc coated slotted/drilled

Currently in the car is a stock motor (i'll list mods going in this weekend at the bottom)
iceman with modified lower intake box
stock borla exhaust
a/c removed 44 inch belt
afx UDP

custom axles, no intermediate shaft
fidanza flywheel
spec 2+ lightened
tranny geared for the turbo set up (will top 160mph @ 6.5k)

Engine management:
Spectre Ems-Pro
working on return fuel setup for tuning purposes.

Going in over the next few weekends (only got sat's off, so it will probally take 3-4 weekends)

built lower block
focus wrx turbo mani (1 of 5, only one in the U.S.)
3inch downpipe with e-cut-out/dump (v-band flanges everywhere)
Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
2.25 aluminum IC piping
evo stock FMIC
Race civic radiator (waiting for in the mail actaully)
SS braided oil feed/return lines , custom made
looking at widebands and egt gauges

working on some CF pieces right now for the gauges to be molded in. Also here soon the car will need repainted. In May my car lost to a Semi tire, it surrendered the front bumper and two fenders.

As you can see i've done alot to the zx2, and its still a work in progress. I hope to get the turbo installed in the next couple weeks, run it for a few hundred miles then throw it back in the garage to send it off for coatings and heat wrap.. etc.. and if I dont put the engine in with the turbo.. i'll build the top end with a cnc'd FR head.
At one time I had a frim, I liked it , but at the time..I didn't have the tuning... now I miss it. After this winter, the zx2's progress will probally stop. I have inherited a 1955 chevy that needs some tlc. I will never sale the zx2 though.

wrx to 75 (at 75 he cought back up, at the time mods we're the same plus the FRIM..which i no longer have)
http://kctuners.com/members/ScreetHoPrez/JarredvsWRX 30-Dec-2005_0001.wmv

pics of the car:


engine fire toasted alot of eletrical wiring ..was an easy fix


old 17's with yellow scorcher t/a's
way old ..its alittle higher now lol
pretty billet gears:
my boat!
belt routing

how low i am

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HOLY FREEOLY BATMAN, inis im so envious ! that is 1 sweet lookin ZX! was that a skeleton of late mod escrt? FOMOCO ALL THE WAY!! HOWEVER I WISH FOMO WOULD REVIVE THE ESCORT SERIES LIKE THEY DID WITH THE 'STANG . 99 ZX2 STOCK W/ 92 - GT RIMS

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I hate you inis!!!! I want your car!!!!!! Want to trade?

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adk01 said:
HOLY FREEOLY BATMAN, inis im so envious ! that is 1 sweet lookin ZX! was that a skeleton of late mod escrt? FOMOCO ALL THE WAY!! HOWEVER I WISH FOMO WOULD REVIVE THE ESCORT SERIES LIKE THEY DID WITH THE 'STANG . 99 ZX2 STOCK W/ 92 - GT RIMS
No, it was a 2nd or 3rd gen neon. It has many zx2 parts thrown in it though lol... it was going for scrap metal.

so far the update since last post:
I've got pistons/rods (probes 8:1, eagle rods , both coated by swaintech)
arps throughout
Another new ford racing intake mani
steeda fuel rail
Aerospeed fuel press reg (dont know if I posted this already)

waiting on a cgi block that I've already paid for, kinda getting worried.
Other then finding a head to use, I'm just waiting on the block so I can go off to the machine shop. I'll post more later, kinda tired right now... I'm doing a pretty big build up.

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inis I need to talk to you about those gears and LSD! You still go over to teamzx2? Anyways , I stumbled across this site and liked the looks and info here so decided to join up, I'm normally over at teamzx2. But any how I own an 01 ZX2 which I've done a lot of work to. I drive it daily but I'm going to be doing some chances to the setup to try and get a bit more power with a better powerband. Right now it's pushing 352whp 312wtq. I need to scan the dynosheet to show the new power. I currently have one that has the old tune on it with 323whp.

Mods are as follows:

Engine :
JohnP Port n Polished Head
Apexi Power Intake Filter 3"
ARP Main Studs
ARP Rod Bolts
ARP Head Studs
Crower Turbo Intake Cam
Crower Valve Springs & Retainers
Crower Cam Gears
Crower Rods
Clevite 77 Rod & Main Bearings
Denso Iridium Plugs (4 Steps Colder)
Esslinger VCT Delete
Dual Flex-a-lite Trimline Fans
Ford Racing Intake Manifold
Ford Racing 10mm Plug Wires
Ford Racing 70mm Throttle Body
GReddy Type-S adjustable blowoff valve.
Innovative Turbo Systems (ITS) SH46 Turbo
JE Forged Pistons 9:0:1 Compression
MSD coil pack.
Pro-Gram Engineering Billet Main Caps
RC 71# (750CC) Injectors
Sean Hyland Motorsports High-Flo Fuel Rail
SCT XCal2 Tuned @ Central Florida Motorsports
Spearco front mount air to air intercooler(blacked out)
Total Seal Gapless Piston Rings
Turbonetics Deltagate MK II adjustable wastegate.
ZXTuner "Turbocharged" Billet Spark Plug Cover
80mm Lightning MAF
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump

Transmission/Clutch :
B&M Pro Edge Short Shifter w/ Energy Suspension Shifter Stationary Rod Bushings
Phantom Grip
Stainless Steel Clutchline
SPEC Stage III clutch w lightweight option
SPEC Aluminum Flywheel
ZXTuner Shift Knob

Suspension/Brakes :
Wilwood 4 Piston - Dynalte Calipers on front
13" Cross Drilled/Sloted Rotors on front
Stainless Steel Flex Brake Houses
Porterfield R4-S Carbon Kevlar Compound Pads on front
Porterfield R4-S Carbon Kevlar Shoes in the rear
Sprint Springs
Reactive Strut Bar
Escort GT 21mm Rear Sway Bar
Energy Suspension Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
Energy Suspension Rear Trailer Arm Bushings
Energy Suspension Front Sway Bar EndLinks
Energy Suspension Rear Sway Bar EndLink & Bushings
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

Exhaust :
Custom exhaust manifold
Full Turbo Blanket
DEI Downpipe Downpipe Heat Wrap
Full 3" exhaust system (front to back)
4" outlet APEXi N1 Muffler.

Interior :
Autometer Cobalt Full VAC-30PSI Boost Gauge
Autometer Cobalt Oil Pressure Gauge
Innovative Turbo Systems Electronic Multi-Stage Boost Controller (MSBC-1)
HKS Turbo Timer
Leather Shift Boot
ZXTuner Chrome Shift Knob

Exterior :
17" Buddy Club P1 Racing Plus II Rims
205/40ZR17 Toyo Proxes 4
8000K McCulloch Phillips Xenon HID kit
13 inch euro antenna
Wingless Rear Trunk Lid


Pic from the front , this pic the bumper is flat black primered which it's getting painted as we speak.

This is a side shot (don't mind that little dent)

Under the hood shot

I took this pic after it came off the dyno the first time. You can see the turbo setup a little bit better, but you will notice the first engine shot is different then this one. Moved a lot of things.

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I just got the car in December. Photos are from previous owner.

2000 S/R
SCCA STS Autocrosser:
Custom Koni coilovers
22mm 3-way RSB
OE Borla exhaust
OE Iceman Intake
Kirkey 'Pro Drag' seat
6-point harness
Front strut brace

Need: new wheels, tires, lower f/r strut tie bars, poly bushings, light battery, camber plates and tuning!

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BONE stock 5-speed with only:

Rebuilt 5-speed tranny
MSD Coil
21mm Rear Sway Bar.

Picking up a second engine to overhaul and 'do it right' then swap it out with this one...


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haha well the cobra's my dads I'm 17 and I just happend to be able to get a yellow zx2 but yea I do have a thing for yellow cars

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cobra2000 said:
just a stock s/r planning to do more mods this summer oh and you can see a little bit of the cobra in the backround :)
Are those the stock wheels that came on the s/r? They are the same as the 99 Tracer LS Sport wagon.

BTW I have a 99, bone stock with 118K miles. Debating whether to sell it at this point.
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