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How many miles?

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Hey everyone, just wondering how many miles you´ve al got on your ´Scorts?

I´ve got a 95 LX and I´m coming up on 128,000 miles.
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1995 GT - 79,853! Just about average for this year´s model.
45,996 as of this morning
Should turn over 270,000 miles by the end of the week.

´94 egt has about 250,000 miles
´02 zx2 has about 17,500 miles
93LX, 133,xxx km´s, dunno how many miles that is, roughly 70,000
91 EGT...about 78,000 mi.
87 EGT...about 115,000 mi.
92 egt 143,XXX mi
91 egt 133,954 mi
Wow, Charlie added a few miles to this post too

89P(impscort)GT 150,something mi
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92 EGT; 87,124 miles... 2 grand below what kelley blue book says it should have.
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27,895 as of now- 2000 Escort Zx2
charlie needs to learn how to post once...

Mine´s dead right now at 154,500. but i tested the spark and there wasnt one, so that means that the coil or distributor is bad...i´ll have it back on the road yet!
ahh, dont blame Charlie...her browser probably froze up. Mine´s done it to me a few times.

spec it out yo: bought my 93´ EGT with 44,122 miles on it on Dec 23 1999. It´s almost 3 years old to me and on friday morning driving to Phoenix to pick my mom up from the airport I hit my 100k mile mark.

Today sitting at 100,433 miles

Just think 98k running N/A, and now 2.5K running Turbocharged!
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88.5 LX-just rolled it over 150,000 miles Sunday!!
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143 000 km

1991 Escort Gt

So I guess it´s 80 000 miles
93 LX


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