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Well like every one we want to know how our cars stack up with others out there. I looked on yahoo and found that the escorts are not that bad And note that the Escort only affers one engine so if they would offer a different engine like the SVT engine, it would be great! (All cars are 03 models unless noted)

Grand Am SE 147hp
Grand Am GT 175hp
Sentra XE 126hp
Sentra 2.5 LE 165hp
Sentra Spec-V 175hp
Impreza 2.5RS 165hp
Impreza WRX 227hp
Neon 132hp
Neon RT 150 hp
Neon SRT 4 215hp
PT Cruiser 150hp
GT Crusier 215hp
Civic DX 115hp
Civic EX 127hp
Civic SI 160hp
Civic hybird 85hp
Protege 130hp
Mazdaspeed Protege 170hp
Celica GT 140hp
Celica GT-S 180hp
Caviler 140hp
Eclispe 147hp
Eclispe V-6 210hp
Escort 88hp (91-96)
Escort Gt 127hp (91-96)
Escort 110hp (97-00)
ZX2 130hp
focus 110hp
focus ZX3 130hp
SVT Focus 170hp
Lancer 120hp (all models)
Acura RSX 160hp
Acura RSX Type-S 200hp
Tiburon 134hp
Tiburon V-6 170hp

Well I hope that you all enjoy this info. One thing! What is all this sh*** about civics? they start as low as 85hp and the best is 160hp. they sure talk a lot for so little.

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wanna know 0-60 times and 1/4 mile for ALL those cars? give me a few hours. I can get them easy. Some of those might not be on the site though so I dunno.

It should also be noted that the Cavalier he specified is in fact the new one with 140 hp, but the early 90s had 88 hp (z24 had 150 hp w/ a V6), and the mid 90s have 110. In 2003, Chevy finally succeeded in building a Cavalier that can beat the Escort GT to 60 and in the 1/4 mile. if you notice that the V6 Z24s have 10 more horsepower as the 2.4 I4s have now. Sad really, but I still like the older Z24 bodies. The SRT-4 is misquoted by Dodge themselves...the car actually puts 223 hp TO THE GROUND. Which means it´s probably pushing 255 hp at the flywheel.
Everything else seems to be right on. (as far as I can tell)

I´ll get on those 0-60 and 1/4 mi times soon ;-)

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Alllllllllllrighty then.......here´s the numbers for all these cars...the site I used didn´t have all the new numbers so I used the NEWEST year´s numbers for the car quoted...some of them weren´t even on there.
Car HP Year 0-60 1/4 mile time
Grand Am SE 147hp 96 8.6 16.5
Grand Am GT 175hp 99 7.7 16
Sentra XE 126hp 1983 15 19.9
Sentra 2.5 LE 165hp no numbers
Sentra Spec-V 175hp 2002 7.4 15.7
Impreza 2.5RS 165hp 2002 7.8 16.1
Impreza WRX 227hp 2002 5.4 14.1
Neon 132hp ES 2000 8.8 16.9
Neon RT 150 hp 2001 7.6 16.1
Neon SRT 4 215hp 5.6 14.2
PT Cruiser 150hp 2002 9.2 16.9
GT Crusier 215hp 7.2 15.7
Civic DX 115hp 1996 8.5 16.7
Civic EX 127hp 2001 8.4 16.7
Civic SI 160hp 7.7 15.7
Civic hybird 85hp 10.9 18.2
Protege 130hp 1990 9.1 16.8
Mazdaspeed Protege 170hp No Numbers
Celica GT 140hp 2000 7.6 16.2
Celica GT-S 180hp 2002 7.3 15.6
Cavalier 140hp 1996 (115 hp) 8.3 16.1
Eclipse 147hp 1995 9 16.6
Eclipse V-6 (GT) 210hp 2001 7.2 15.6
Escort LX 88hp (91-96) 1994 11.1 17.8
Escort Gt 127hp (91-96) 1993 8.4 16.5
Escort 110hp (97-00) 1997 9.5 17.1
ZX2 130hp 1998 8 16.3
Focus 110hp 9.6 17.3
Focus ZX3 130hp 2001 8.7 16.8
SVT Focus 170hp 2002 7.8 16.1
Lancer 120hp (all models) 2002 8.9 16.7
Acura RSX 160hp No Numbers
Acura RSX Type-S 200hp 2002 6.1 14.8
Tiburon 134hp 2000 8.1 16.3
Tiburon (GT)V-6 170hp 7 15.3
Also here´s the Miata MX5s Numbers:
Miata MX5 130hp 2001 7.9 15.9

Have fun.

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<td height=5 width=35%>CAR<td width=15%>HP<td width=15%>YEAR<td width=10%>0-60<td width=10%>1/4MILE[TR]<td height=5 width=35%>Grand AM SE<td width=15%>147hp<td width=15%>96<td width=10%>8.6<td width=10%>16.5[TR]<td height=5 width=55%>Grand Am GT<td width=15%>175hp<td width=15%>99<td width=10%>7.7<td width=10%>16[TR]<td height=5 width=55%>Sentra XE<td width=15%>126hp<td width=15%>1983<td width=10%>15<td width=15%>19.9[TR]<td height=5 width=35%>Sentra Spec-V<td width=15%>175hp<td width=15%>2002<td width=10%>7.4<td width=10%>[TR]<td height=5 width=35%>Sentra 2.5 LE<td width=15%>165hp<td width=15%>--<td width=10%>--<td width=10%>--[TR]<td height=5 width=35%>Sentra Spec-V<td width=15%>175hp<td width=15%>2002<td width=10%>7.4<td width=10%>15.7[TR]<td height=5 width=35%>Impreza 2.5RS<td width=15%>165hp<td width=15%>2002<td width=10%>7.8<td width=10%>16.1[TR]

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The coding takes an eternity... maybe I´ll finish the table this weekend... anybody feel free to rip the code source off of my and finish it, just make sure to leave a blank [TR] tab at the end before the [/TABLE] to get the td height to work right.

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That sentra might weight probably an extra 100 to 200 lbs more than any 2nd gen EGT though. I don´t know exactly how accurate those numbers are...the acceleration tests may have been performed by a driver who weighs in at well over 250 lbs...thereby dragging down the times, but for someone like me, who´s only 130 lbs it´s possible that my EGT may hit 60 in 8 seconds flat.

The perfect jump in a 5 speed manual 1992 EGT is rev to 3500 rpms and slowly let the clutch out. man I felt like a rocket when I did that tonight, but letting the clutch and flywheel scrape like that is baaad for them. So I won´t be doing that. :-D

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I wouldn´t take many of those times to hear because they are almost all wrong, they are a good way to compare cars of that year but thats all. It´s real hard to set a cars 1/4 mile and 0-60 because of all the variables.
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