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How do you install clear corners with different socket??????

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i just recently got a pair of clear corners ordered from Pro Car Parts and the socket is too big how do i change it so it´ll fit??????does this mean i have to get a newer socket from another escort and rewire it?


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You COULD also try and trim the lug(s) on your old sockets....but that can get annoying if you have to switch the bulbs
All you have to do is pull the plug attched to the light itself. The bulb holder doesn´t have to be re-wired. The quick-disconnect plug should mate up with the different style bulb holders. I ran into that with my ´91 EGT when replacing the corners on it. I just went to a junk yard and grabbed a bulb holder from a newer Escort. Screwed right in.
Go to Advanced Auto they had replacement ford sockets there that I just rewired with amber bulbs...cheaper for me than getting them at the junk yard I can get part numbers if your interested
yeah part numbers would be great... i have to replace my corner lens on the driver side so i was thinking just to get clear corners.. mines a 92 LX would i have to change them?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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