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How comparable we are

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Ok ok so we don´t measure up soo good, but im in awe they would even compare us to a Dodge Viper, although some of us are considerable faster then 10.6 im still shocked to see a *Ford Escort* on there compared to High Performance cars. GO ESCORTS!
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Hey! Escorts compare after all!!!!!

Check this out: HP/Price:
Ferrari 2.8
Shelby 3.0
Lotus 4.2
Porsche 4.3
Viper 6.8
Mitsu 7.1
Vette 8.2
Escort 9.2!!!!!!!!

See, we´re onto something here with these scorts!
That´s for a 110HP scort too.

btw my 91 scort (88HP), which I paid way less than $12k for, scores an insane 38.2 HP/Price
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Jason, your car stock was at about 31.3 HP/price.
Not bad!
When you get it to 275HP, with $11.9k in it that´ll actually be 23.1 HP/price. Actually went down, but money isn´t everything right!!!!
Alex, you tellin us your GT puts out 325HP? Wow, I´m in awe, man. What about torque steer? That must be tricky to launch!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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