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How comparable we are

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Ok ok so we don´t measure up soo good, but im in awe they would even compare us to a Dodge Viper, although some of us are considerable faster then 10.6 im still shocked to see a *Ford Escort* on there compared to High Performance cars. GO ESCORTS!
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Honestly, I´d take a 10.6 Escort over a 4.1 Viper anyday. Besides, my price range is around that of a new escort.

I saw that earlier this year on howstuffworks...but I wasn´t into my escort as I am now to have noticed that. By that graph they make the Escort look like a bad deal for performance-to-dollar ratio. I bet we could make scorts roughly just as fast as Corvettes, which are just a tad bit slower than Vipers. All I believe that you´d need is: a short throw shifter, a turbo giving you 250 wheel horsepower, and a 100 shot NOS. I believe that would bring us down to the Corvette Killing area. Yes...I can dream big and expensive. gives me something to look forward to.
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