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the other day i was walking around in wally-world, i was right by the hotwheels bin and it hit me: "what if hotwheels made an escort?"

now, i know for the fanatics, you're all saying "yeah, they already did!"
well yeah, they did do the MK3 scort. but im talking about the american escort, either 2nd or 3rd gen.
i mean, why not? they did the focus, the old f-100, and other random cars we all drive like the civic and nissan z.

who here knows anything on how the hotwheels company works? (ie. licensing and costs of getting the escort put on their 1:64 scale assembly line.)

i guess im trying to ask how hard, how difficult, and how practical/impractical it is to get the scort on their line?
if not hotwheels, then matchbox, if not, then something like ertl who makes those plastic assembly models. that would be niiice... :D

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