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hook a xbox to a laptop??

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does anyone know if this can b done?? i wanna use the laptop screen as the monitor for the xbox!! i want both n my ride, im goina have uses for both and i want both hooked up 2gether if i can??
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I am not quite sure but, there is a s-type video cord that should work or I think that there is also a labtop hook up fro the video out cords from the xbox, I am not 100% sure, but I was wondering the same thing. phone bestbuy or a computer store or somethink they will know for sure.

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well circut city didnt know. but im just wondering if i need to get a usb hub of some sort to hook it up, ive got svideo on my laptop but im not sure if it can receive signals , proably just send out of the laptop.
but ive got a aseries life book, fujitsu, a1010!! if anybody can find anything out for me??

No it's not passoble. Laptop screen is only a matrix of leds or a liquid crystals. It needs a device that points where pixel must go. So there is only 2 ways to make something like that. Eather you need a LCD video screen or If you have a Dreamcast like I do you need VGA converter and small 12" VGA flat panel. XBOX doesnt' support VGA out. So only thing is to get LCD screen.
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