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Hood Stickers

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I changed my hood a while back and I would like to get the stickers to go on the underside of the hood. You know, the ones with the vacuum diagram and spark gap etc. I still have the old ones on the old hood, in fact that´s the reason I keep the old rusty hood around. I don´t think I can get thm off without ruining them, so I enquired at the dealer. They have part numbers, but the guy says they can´t get them. Does anybody know what to do? :-o
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Ford only stocks those for the current model year vehicles and those are a bitch to get a hold of. Re-use your old ones because you won´t find em new.
If you take the old ones off very carefully (like lifting a corner and then using some WD-40 to slowly break up the adhesive as you go), you can then take them to a sign/decal/print shop and have them scan them and make you some new ones. It´s common practice for restorations.
If you´ve already destroyed the existing stickers you can also take a photograph of a good set on another car. Any sign shop with a Gerber Edge II can print them.(the Edge II is the best quality printer) Make sure to measure the actual size so they can accurately scale them.
I thought size didn´t matter :-] . Those are good suggestions. The stickers are not destroyed but I think yhey might have aged badly. Like they might want to break up if I try anything. Just little bits off the corners are broken from me trying stuff. I could try the WD 40 thing. Thanks. :cool:
actually if its an old rusty hood, dont chance it just grab a trusty plasma torch and cut the hood where the decal is. Then scan the whole hood and all to get a new one made :-]

Hey StreetWize, NICE change on the stock wheels. Love the sig, great pic.
I did consider cutting them out so I could save some garage space, but I was afraid the printing guy couldn´t scan hood pieces. :p
Rough metal edges could scratch the glass surface of the scanner. It´s just text with an outline isnt it? If all escorts are the same I´ll just make a new one for you to have someone to print. I have a sign shop too. Just don´t have a printer. I have a friend that could do it, if interested I´ll get a price from him.

Ok, I just went out and looked, so they´re bigger than I thought. My hood is rusty and only a temperary winter one. It has good stickers. I´ll get them off in the next few days and scan them. A guestimate is around $20 to $25 bucks if I were to have them printed.

I usually remove all the stickers anyway.

i may sound dumb, but what stickers under the hood?
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