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High Idle then normal idle

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HEy guys, My 94 LX 5sp idles real high, then drops back down to normal idle when it feels like it. any ideas on what to change 1st? Also I hate how the temp goes over halfway before the cooling fan kicks in. Any way to adjust it or spoof the sensor into turning on the fan at a lower temp? Thanks for the advice. Erik
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When my car starts it idles about 1.3k RPM and then after engine is worm it drops to .6-.7k. It´s normal.
About fan. Check if your car starts the fan when you first start the engine. If not you may have a something falty. I had overheating problem on my old ECU and I did a swap to 94 ECU. Now my fan kick in just after the middle.
Escorts idle above 1000 rpms until it gets warmed up, thats supposed to be.

Red 92 EGT
Even after driving awhile. When I pull up to a light the engine is really idling high. Then after a few minutes it will drop back down. But it does this irregularly. This is a hed scratcher for me.
Your TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor)is screwed. I had that thing before. Eather you´ll need to adjust it or replace it.
Okay, I´m a newb to cars, but I´m just throwing ideas at you because I´m trying to help. I don´t know if what I´m saying is right:

Try backing out the setscrew located at the throttle stop. That will give you a lower idle.

As for the rev staying up for a second, that´s because of a thing called dashpot, which is apparently an electronic thing that helps to keep the shift plate spinning even when you let off the gas so the shift is smoother.

As for the cooling fan, it´s logically a sensor that is messed up or a stupid program.
also could be it just needs cleaned what controls your gas going in cuz i had that problem
thanks just bought a new TPS. Will be putting it on this weekend. I´ll let you guys know. Thanks
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