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If it's a 2dr hatch with no power steering then you've got yourself a Pony.

The mazda chassis these things sit on makes them handle extremely well once you tighten some things up. Keep in mind that other than the engine, the car is a Mazda Protege.. there are several Mazda and Ford engine swaps. The 2.0L SPI motor from the 3rd gen escorts is a drop in and will bring you from 88hp to 110hp... these can be found for very cheap too. Mazda BP (escort GT, mazda protege, MX3, 323 & miata) & K (v6s in MX3, MX6 and Probe) engines will fit, as well as ford Zetecs.

Check out 91SleeperScort's Pony for some good how-to's and ideas.

If rally is your thing, keeping the stock springs and installing some KYB GR-2 shocks may be your best bet. The rear springs on the 2nd gen escorts are very bad to break.. check them out.. I've had 3 break on me in 180,000mi before installing lowering springs. If you have the $$ (hell you've only spent $100 on the car so far :wink: ) go for some ground control coil-overs and keep the ride height up.

Also, be sure to check out the Car Showcase for some ideas.. several members have gone with the rally-car theme.
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