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Nice Forum. I don't know forum netiquette. Some of you guys are brilliant!
Discriptions in posts are the best I've seen. auto-repair-help.com has awesome videos on utube.
I have a 1987 EXP 1.9L HO EFI 5-speed. 136,00 mi. I am learning tons about this car, which apperantly I am keeping. Also the reason I am here.

A guy I know bought it for $300. Sitting for 8 years. Said he "flipped" 100's of cars. After loaning him space, his shotty work, nobody wanted the damn thing, it's mine and I need to make it run right!

Ok. Whats a Poll Question? I 'll start here
I need to test the afm. Looking for 2 days for what terminal is which on the amf. Dont tell me Haynes Manual, or I will mail it to you, one page at a time. j/k but yea, its not very good with the "real" tech stuff.
I know 12V, grd, and pulse. I have one more wire. If I knew what one was +, I could get it. Thanks
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