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its an lx

list o mods :p

Tracer Corners
Rob's CF Hood
Gunmetal Stock 14's
GT Spoiler
Painted Tails
Removed door mouldings

kyb gr2's
dropzone coilovers
F&R Corksport Strut bars
Solid Motor Mounts
185 60hr14 tires

SS clutch line
Pacesetter shortshifter
Bronzoil Bushings
93Mx3 Seats
Mx3 Shift boot
4 Wheel Disc conversion

Custom 93 Accord Intake(in by the weekend)
3.8tb(in by the weekend)
HO Header
8mm wires
High flow muff

5-spd conversion about a year ago, my auto died, long live the standard :twisted:

I'll add if I can think of anything else :p

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Here's my list of mods....
My 93GT:

RActive Cone
IHI RHB5 VJ20 Turbo
Custom 2" IC pipe
Starion FMIC
TurboXs Type H-RFL BOV
2.25" custom exhaust
Duel inline mufflers

Engine Management:
APEXi turbo timer
APEXi EGT gauge
Autometer Boost gauge
Autometer Fuel Pressure gauge

Walboro 255L/H
Aeromotive bypass regulator (to be installed this coming week)
3/8" fuel lines (this coming week)
460cc injectors
Vortech Fuel Pressure Riser (recalibrated to 4:1)

MSD Blaster2 Coil
NGK V-Power

Rage 5.0 17's
Falken 512 215/40's
White Calipers
DBA slotted and crossdrilled rotors
EBC Greenstuf pads
Graphics by MorganSign (Unlimited Creations Banner)
Red lens paint for the rear tails and reflectors
Custom plate "GTTURBO"

Dyed the dash from gray to black
Accented everything on the dash in White
Under the hood accented in blue
Custom white gauges
momo shift knob
custom white leather boot
Battery relocated to the trunk in a batterybox
Using Stinger 2ga wiring for it, and distribution block under the hood
chrome pedal covers
(needs carpet, seats, and a new headliner badly though)

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (holds great, but hate the whimpy feel)

Kenwood 515s (moved my Z919 to the Sonoma)
Jensen KA4004 amp
Power Acoustik Coaxials, 4
Fosgate 400.4
Fosgate XLC 10, 2

Future Hopes:
Ground control Coilovers and Tokico struts
bigger sway bar
strut tower bars
one of those darn cool Farbon Ciber Hoods (oohhh sexy)
Fix the dent in the passenger side
New paint job
Roll call of vinyl
fab a bodykit
----Rebuilt motor, 9.5:1 static, T66 turbo, running 20+psi with a SDS EFI Eng. Management System

---yeah one day or something

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...the blood; sweat and tears! :lol: :p

Guess it makes sense why I'm always trying to take a guess at how to solve everyone's escort problems....experience.

Just live by the motto:
"If you break it....replace it with a performance part!"

---now that I think about it, I've done a whole lot of breaking. Hahaha :lol: :wink:

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nice to see you over here also celery, i frequent both boards. sorry my list isnt as long as your guys on the mods.

unorthadox udp.
prm intake.
sebring muffler
dunlop 195/65/15
pacesetter short shifter
intrax springs
kyb gr2 struts
protege center counsol

soon to be done
new body kit from extreme ( car is there now)
brembo cross drilled and sloted rotors in the garage
apex pads
custome leather seats and full black interior,9 might start making seat kits after x-mas for sale) with little to no paint

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Nice looking LX!

I have a suggestion for an addition to your list of mods, for your spoiler, I think you should add 91-92 GT spoiler, as that 3 piece only came on the 91s and 92s. :wink:

Otherwise, looks great! any plans for the GT body kit? (sideskirts, front bumper, grille?) or are ya gonna try to get something aftermarket? (onderground, spydar, etc)

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celery952 said:
I wanted to buy the blue one, but the fools at ZX tuner wouuldn't ship to Canada. So I bought an OEM style replacement for $100 and had it painted by a friend for the cost of the paint and a big box of beer.

The carbon fiber looks nice on the white car though :wink:

Matt 8)

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exterior of the car stay the same until its fast

so until I can afford the gtx.....

the hood was just an insurance thing after hail damage :S

maybe some m3 mirrors but were buying speed for now :p

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why wouldn't they ship to canada? thats crazy. Shipping is a little more than the US but if your willing to pay the extra shipping I'll ship anywhere. Some contries might have to be through a international money order rather than Paypal but thats no big deal.

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egtdude said:
why wouldn't they ship to canada?
It has to do with the fact that they ship via greyhound bus, and they would only ship to the nearest bus stop on the American side of the border. I guess greyhound won't do border crossings with parcels or something (I think that was the excuse)??????

So despite the fact that there's a greyhound stop in Brantford, I asked about UPS, Fed-Ex, Purolator, etc., and still got no. They no way, what so ever, did not want to ship over the border.

Given the exchange rate at the time, the minumum 3hr one way drive to the nearest US bus stop, and my overall frustration, I said forget it. At that rate, it would have been a $700 hood. So with the boring replacement hood, I saved $500. Well needed when it comes time to pay tuition :wink:

Matt 8)
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