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I am glad I found this forum

I have two 1998 SE Escorts

The one I drive I bought new
It has a five speed
I just rolled over 355,000 miles

The other Escort the family drives
Auto with 125,000 miles

I am going to build mine for better mileage...
that is after a fresh engine

I am shooting for 150 to170 hp and 45 to 50+ mpg

Thanks John 8)

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Welcome to the forum. I had always figured that raising horsepower was something that would lower the cruising mpg - but I will be eager to hear how your efforts go. I exchanged emails with a member who had gotten as high as 47 mpg on his 2nd gen. 5 speed. He had done more than I was planning; removed the luggage rack from his wagon, lowered the radio aerial, removed one or both outside rear view mirrors, had a front scoop down below the front bumper, ran his tires at the sidewall max or a little over (52 psi), used the 5w20 oil, had some kind of a fender skirt covering the rear wheel openings, and had taped over the gaps between the bumper/grille/hood/headlamps. He also cruised at 50-55 mph, did a lot of coasting, and 'pulse & glide' (which amounts to running up to a higher speed, and coasting down -with the motor shut off-, and repeating. After that he was going to try lowering the car, since being closer to the ground will diminish the effective frontal area of the car.
With my totally stock 5 speed, running 10w30, 44 psi in the tires, we can get 40 mpg, while crusing at 55-60. This is is -open- country, such as the 400 miles of I-80 between San Antonio & El Paso. On the same kinds of roads with our F4EAT automatic we got 37.8 mpg, averaged over a 3100 mile trip. I cant really lower my Escort, since we do a lot of driving in Mexico, where there are no speed traps, there are 'topes' - speedbumps. With 4 people in the Escort, it almost scrapes on the topes now.

good luck, and we hope to hear more from you.
(How on earth did you put 355k on the car?)
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