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Hi everybody!
Anything new here?
Haven't been here in a while because of
the damn internet was down.
I`ve been looking for a car too, and I found
a Ford Capri -75 2,6 GT, V6 engine.
For 12500kr, about 1250£
But I was at a car meet last weekend and
then I saw the fords dominated in the drifting comp.
There were three Sierra Cossies in the finals.
Last weekend was cool. Here are some of the
cars who were there, and that raced.
Ferrari 358, Several Sierra Cossies, Escort Cossie WRC, Ford Capri with a furious cossie engine, BMW M3 :bootyshake: , The Skinne beetle(with 600 monkeys under the hood), Dahlback racing Golf and audis(Search for it on KaZaa(The golf is the car with 1072hp in it)), Audi R4R, a Stingray, two supras and many other furious cars.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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