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Hey Zeemax!!!! Recommend the GTP????

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Hey Zeemax, I´ve been noticing the GTPs around town here and I´m finding the more I see them the more I´m getting to Like them...which leads me to the point of this post for you. Can you tell me pretty much anything and everything about the car? how much you paid for it, has it caused you any problems? know of many aftermarket parts for it? what kind of real life gas mileage you get, I know it says 19 city, 30 highway. Basically if you would recommend it to anyone else...?
I´m asking because instead of getting a Z28 and my insurance flies up to 300 a month, I´m thinking about getting a 1997 GTP, hopefully black, my insurance will still go up, but not that much...
I figure I can get the GTP and find a Ram Air hood and throw that on there. Also, what kind of times do you get? www.car-stats.com says the 97 goes 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, and does the 1/4 mi in 15 flat.
thats faster than I had expected. Anything you can tell me about the car would help.
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Car when new was going for $26K and we picked it up 3 years old for $18K. It´s been a very good car, short of the recent craziness with the headlamp bulb causing the interior lights to go nuts. But that was a $17 fix. Otherwise, perfect. There are lots of aftermarket parts, most fun is the supercharger pulley that increases S/C speed and gives more boost. I´ve got the K&N kit now, but adding the overdrive pulley brings the GTP to nearly 300 horsepower. You can add a couple of exhaust packages to go even further. One thing though, it´s only available with a 4 speed automatic, but hey, there´s a kit for that also to tighten up the shifts and gives a 4-2 downshift feature for more lively performance. We´ve got the model with traction control and even with that and the 225 profile tires, it´s seriously traction limited in the standing start. I´d agree with the 0-60 time of just over 6 seconds. On the road it will eat alive nearly anything. Mustangs are no problem at all. The only car I had trouble with was a newer Firebird with the Ram Air package. Huge engine, that´s all it is under the hood - engine engine engine! Gas mileage is accurate - we usually get 19-21 in the city and 31 on the highway, if driving sensibly. It´s a big car but light on its feet. Huge interior and got a massive trunk which is great on trips. And the beauty of it all is that it only costs me $45 a month in insurance. Granted I´m 31 and married, but I was still mighty impressed. My 95EGT costs me $38 so there´s barely a difference. GTP´s are easy to insure because their body panels are shared with the GT´s. Only difference is different colored front and rear underhangs and the GTP badging. And of course the S/C... Feel free to hit me up in private email if you have any further questions. I´d say get one if you can.
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Did you know about this site? i just stumbled on it looking up GTP in askjeeves.com, they appear to have whatever one would need for a GTP, SSEi, or Regal GS:

Yes, I´ve checked out the site before. I should have mentioned, one of the first upgrades you´ll want to do is to get new front rotors. The stock rotors are the same as the GT, and are quickly overwhelmed and are prone to heat warpage. Get a set of slotted rotors if possible. At the very least, buy a set of stock rotors, get a good set of pads, and make sure you bed them in properly. That´ll go a long way to keeping the rotors healthy. Mine are currently warped and too thin to pass inspection, so in March I´ll be replacing them with a new set.
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