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Hey Pimp_scort

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I was reading your article on the "VAF screw". Noticing that your scort is an 89 GT I was wondering if the 2nd gen GT´s also have this screw or not?
And secondly if they do how far did you unscrew yours?

Thanks man
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I believe the screw is on all VAF meters. Not having personally seen under the hood of a gen 2 GT I couldn´t say for sure. But as I said in the article there is a plug covering it up that you have to drill and stick a screw into to pull it out. It should be toward the outlet side of the meter up on the top. As far as turning it, I screwed it all the way in and counted the turns to establish a baseline then I turned it back out the same number of turns. Mine was 2 and a half I belieive. Ater that, it´s all up to your car as to how much it will respond to turning it it one way or another. Best bet would be to make some runs at the local strip or get a G-Tech meter. Also an Air Fuel guage helps a bit too.
And another thing, This isn´t the rip the black cover off and mess with the spring mod that most people already have done, or know about. this is a whole different thing.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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