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Well, most of these kills are from the past few days that I have been back home on Spring break. And one of them is more of a draw but I think it speaks highly for my car/driving skills.

okay so the list is this:

  1. Eclipse(somewhere from 1995-99)
  2. Another Eclipse(same generation)
  3. and tonight a ZX2

sorry that I didn't get the years from any of the cars but all of the other guys just turned away after I won. guess they weren't happy about losing to my Scort.

anyways on to the details. well the first eclipse was earlier tonight on my way to work, he was no problem I took him pretty early about half way through 2nd gear.

And the ZX2 was after work on my way home tonight he rolled up next to me and then shot off like a bat out of hell, so at the next light he looked at me again and I decided "why not see how we compare?" well, it was dang near even until third then he just couldn't keep up.

Oh and the second eclipse wa actually this past Friday, and it was more of a draw than a kill he won twice and I won twice, both times neither of us had that big of a lead only a few car lengths. but what interested me was the TURBO noise coming from his car, I asked how much boost he was running... he said 18 LBS!!!!!!!! I dunno if he was lying or if he just has a totally POS car that actually is running 18 psi? anyway just thought I put down my kills in the book... sorry for the long post.
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