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Hi all,

I'm Eddie (user name gave that away I guess).. I run Fordcarclub.com. Came across your site when browsing around on Google, typed in Ford Escort expecting the usual sites to come up but instead I saw this one first - not visited here before so thought I'd come sign up. I'm yet to have a look around, but will be doing that now..

I own an Escort (English/UK Model) mk6, will get some pictures up shortly.. It's only the 1.4i but it does the job, cheap and cheerful to run. I do have a list of "to do's" for it though including a possible engine transplant in the future. Not 100% sure on that yet though, as I'm tempted to get an Escort Van to do up as our clubs 'show car'.


Look forward to speaking with you all.
Cheers for reading,


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Welcome to the forum. I would be glad if I could swap a smaller engine into my Escort LX with the 1.9L - since I prefer miles-per-gallon to having more power. Thanks for the web site too. Now we can advise folks with UK Escorts on a place to go if they come to these forums and no one can help with their problem.
If you can figure out how to post a picture it would be nice. I would like to see a good shot of the engine compartment & dashboard of your car, since I can find pictures of the exterior on the internet.
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