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Hey Denis

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Hey Denis,
I picked up a 12:1 FPR and a TurboXs RFL BOV.

Project should be done soon, no parts left to pick up cept hoses and gaskets.

Anyhow, can´t wait to hear the scort blow off at 110dBs
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I hope you don´t run into to much trouble on install.
Yeah I´m really hoping I wont either. Any last minute things that you or anyone else can think of ?
Hey Denis, nother quick question:

My turbo is arranged that the wastegate actuator bar is not directly strait across from the wastegate and the valve.

A subaru turbo guy around here said it had to be straight, but I can´t seem to arrange it as such.

Second..I can´t seem to get my wastegate to open at all

Any suggestions ?
The rod on the waistgate accuator should be a strait rod. Are you trying to pull on the rod to open it, if you are good luck pulling on it. Best thing to do is slowly pump so air in the vaccume line from an air compressor and you will see it open.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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