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****Hey AleX****

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Have you found any 94-97 Acura Integras around in any of the yards that you have been to that have the Front bumper Intact to "sort-of" intact??

I don´t care if there are headlights or not....I also don´t care if it´s cracked or banged up or whatever.....it just needs to be barely hanging together(but not heavily distorted)

It would also be nice if it was in a "free access" yard....but I know that might be asking too much

I just have an Idea....
and I need your help a bit on this one.

´91 ELX 5 dr.

[ Edited by Skuce On Date 06-17-2002 ]
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Ok...thanks man.

BTW...I got my clear tail lights done

Pics are over on "escortracing.com" and here in the "showcase"
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