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This is my stock center console:

This is a rendering of what I want it to be:

Installing the JVC KDLX111 is pretty straightforward; it goes in the slot normally occupied by the factory radio.

The lower unit is my Kenwood TM-261 VHF FM 2-way radio. It is the same exact width as the front of the ashtray. Removing the ashtray is, of course, exceedingly simple... not so simple is mounting the radio in it's place; The "hole" behind the ashtray is not quite as wide as the front of the ashtray itself -- that problem is easily overcome. ...The real problem is that the radio is about 2 inches deeper than the ashtray, and there's some sort of brace for the center console in the way. My challenge (to myself) is to re-engineer that brace (or a portion of it) so that it's about 2 inches further towards the front of the car, giving me enough room to mount the Kenwood 2-way. I will, of course, take adequate photos along the way and explain how I did it (assuming that I can do it...) to let everyone here know what is involved...
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