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I am currently replacing my timing belt which went out on me a couple of weeks ago..... I am almost to the point where I can replace the belt but have run into a problem. I am in the crank area... I took out the 4 small bolts holding on the pulley and left the 1 large bolt in place. I removed the crankshaft pulley guide. I have also removed the crankshaft pulley.. but now I am stuck. I have another spacer or something before the timing pulley... this spacer thing is pretty think.... its about 1/2" at the center and a 1/4" at the outer ring... it wont come off..... I tried using a gear puller to get it off but the spacer thing broke!!! Looks like you took a bite out of a dounut. So now I have a broken part that I dont know what it is, how to get it off, and its broke.... can anyone help me PLEASE... I need to get the car running by Monday.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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