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Help with Rims

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Hi, this is my first post. I went to the salvage yard today, and picked up some aluminum escort gt rims and some tires all for about 300 dallors, they were covered in dirt and i thought that was just dirt. Well, we got home washed em off. The tires looked fine but the rims had like... a crappy rusty like, the top layer of alum was eatting threw or something, i tried everything i could to try to get rid of it, washed em alot, and its really deep. I was wondering if someone had any suggestions and if i had to sand, or something like that could you please explain it to me.

Thank you
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how can you tell if the clear coat is still there? my rims were in rough shape since i bought the car. not horrible, just a few spots on each rim gettin kinda eaten away looking. it´s still all aluminum colored, not rust or anything
wow! are they really mirror-like?? they do seem to reflect like that.
oh, and what´s that big paper towel roll in the back for? ;-) ;-)
lol j/k...what kinda sub is that?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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