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Help with Rims

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Hi, this is my first post. I went to the salvage yard today, and picked up some aluminum escort gt rims and some tires all for about 300 dallors, they were covered in dirt and i thought that was just dirt. Well, we got home washed em off. The tires looked fine but the rims had like... a crappy rusty like, the top layer of alum was eatting threw or something, i tried everything i could to try to get rid of it, washed em alot, and its really deep. I was wondering if someone had any suggestions and if i had to sand, or something like that could you please explain it to me.

Thank you
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I would stay away from trendy colors otherwise you will be repainting them again later. I would go with a grey or light silver mabey even black if you think it would look good on the car.

I have had really good luck with Dupli-color on body pannels. My friends have used Krylon Rust Tough Enamel on rims with good results. It looks good and its durable. They did not even prime first. He said the primer is in the paint so its a one pass job. Two years and they still look good. I hope this helps.
I saw the rims at your site. If the photo is showing a reflection of the rocks on the ground in your rims they appear very shiny. Nice work.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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