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Umm, I'm not real real knowledgable about this sort of thing, but I figure if I post a reply it'll bump it up to the top again and people might notice. I believe that everything should just bolt up quite nicely; the power windows are an option on your car so the mounts should already be in the door. As for getting the door panel off the hardest part is getting the window crack off, which should be done slowly be wedging a rag into the crack between the door and the handle and tugging gently until you get a bigger crack, and so on. There are also tools for doing this (which I found in my garage, lol, but I doubt very many people have them) that work pretty well too, but we did this on a friend's neon and it worked okay. Sorry for not answering this sooner; I figured maybe someone who knew more about it than I did would pick it up.
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