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Help with major stalling problem

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I have a 1987 Tracer with a 1.6L carb, and automatic tranny (yuck). When I bought it, the idle was turned up to 2K rpm to prevent most of the stalling, and it overheated on long drives. I didn´t have enough money to fix the problems, so it still overheats.

The main problem was the stalling (I turned the idle down because it was annoying) but it would be okay as long as I shifted into neutral every time I came to a stop. Today I just noticed that the problem has gotten a lot worse. I came to a set of lights, traffic was slow, and I shifted back into drive (as usual) to start accelerating. Immediately the idle dropped and the car was trying to stall, even though my foot was on the gas pedal.

A few lights came on as the idle went down to about 50-100rpm or something, so I hit the gas hard. Every stop, all the way home, I had to put the pedal to the floor to avoid stalling when shifting back into drive.

Neutral is fine, the car idles well, but when in any drive gear it will try to stall until the temp needle is at least 1/3 up.

Any help would be great, as this car is my daily driver and I can´t get anywhere without it running.

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This same exact thing happened to my 95 LX when I first got it...and the damn mechanics did the same thing and turned up the idle to fix the the problem..well after a week of that it still stalled so I just turned the idle back down only to hear this horrible knocking...turns out the high idle completely ate one of the bearing in my engine...I never did figure out what the hell was wrong so sorry this post doesnt help but I just wanted to tell my story..
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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